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Welcome to Over 50 Beauty with Maggie De

Hey there! Welcome to my cozy little corner of the internet. I’m Maggie De, your go-to buddy for all things beauty and makeup for us fabulous over 50s. Here, it’s all about keeping things real, simple, and fun. Makeup after 50? Absolutely! But think less high glamour, more natural, feel-good looks that celebrate our true selves.

My beauty journey started as a personal mission to find makeup that works for us who are proudly 50 and beyond. I wanted to share the little victories, like that perfect foundation that doesn’t settle into lines, or the lipstick that feels just right. It’s all about honest product reviews, easy makeup tutorials, and skincare tips that are actually doable. Whether you’re a makeup pro or just dabbling, I’m here to help you navigate the beauty world with ease.

In this space, we’re tossing out the rule book on over 50 beauty. No covering up or trying to ‘turn back time.’ Instead, we’re highlighting what makes us uniquely gorgeous. You’ll find skincare advice that caters to our mature skin needs, and makeup tutorials that are more about enhancing than hiding. It’s all about embracing our beauty, at this age and stage, with confidence and joy.

So, come on in and join the fun! We’re exploring makeup and beauty in a way that’s relatable, enjoyable, and totally you. From honest chats about products to finding those easy looks that get us out the door looking great, this is your space to feel inspired. Welcome to the Maggie De community – where beauty over 50 is all about celebrating life, laughter, and the beauty of being ourselves!