Best Eyeshadow Brushes for Women Over 60

I have mentioned before that brushes are a very personalized product, so here is my list of brushes that love enough to declare them as the best for women over 60. Please keep in mind you may have other preferences.

Maggie De’s Favorite Eyeshadow Brushes

sephora pro shadow 15 is one of my all time favorite brushes to apply matte eyeshadow color. It is a flat but fluffy brush that is small. It is the shape I love, a little fluff helps me to apply a light layer so that I don’t get too much at once. It is small so I can actually see what I am doing in the 10X mirror because the brush doesn’t hide too much of my eyelid.

sephora pro crease 24. I love this one. I don’t generally use it in my crease but I makes a perfect small blender brush for over 50 eyes.

real techniques shading brush purple metal handle. I use this to apply eyeshadow into my crease. It is small, soft, and oval. for some reason the oval works really well for me as a crease shader.

elf precise blending black handle. This is one of the few elf black handle eyeshadow brushes that I actually like. It is a round, fluffy blender that I like. It is small.

elf fluffy eye blender black handle. This is too large to be fantastic, but it is cheap and works well to blend out the edges of a one a done (one color) eyeshadow. I think it is too big to use for blending multiple colors because I can’t see what I am doing with it.

elf crease black handle. I don’t use this as a crease brush, but it works well as a small fluffy blender for me. I find it a little more flexible than the elf precise blender. If you want fluffy blenders, it is worth a try for you since it is cheap.

mac 219 pencil brush. I like to use this to apply a soft pencil, smokey look with eyeshadow across my upper lash line then blend it out. Mac brushes don’t disappoint. I also want a pencil brush to be light bristles so I can see instantly if I have used it already. Otherwise, I get a muddy mix of weird colors from the last time I used it.

elf smudge clear handle. This is what most brands call a pencil brush. Works well, I tend to loose it on my table because the handle is clear. I like the point, I like the triangle shaped handle because it doesn’t slip and turn in my hand.

elf smudge white handle. I have had many smudge type brushes over the years. Back in the day I wore a smokey eye almost everyday. (90’s) This is a perfectly fine eyeshadow smudge brush that I use over powder eyeshadow or eyeliner. No need to pay more. I like this just fine and dandy. It is cheap.

Profusion Firm Blending eyeshadow ES2. I adore this brush for blending cream eyeshadow. it is round, fluffy and firm enough.

BK Beauty Angie Hot n Flashy A502. This is the smallest of the brushes in this set. I like the size and the blending dome on this one.

BK Beauty Angie Hot n Flashy A504. A slightly larger fluffy blender that is still consider a small blender in the big wide world of fluffy eyeshadow blending brushes. I use it regularly and I like it.

Sigma Tapered Blending E35. My current favorite blending brush, light fibers so I know when I need to clean it. Round, fluffy blender that is large but somehow I still love it due to how well it blends everything.

real techniques essential crease brush pink metal handle. I use this as a fluffy blender. I am always surprised at how soft real technique blenders are on my lids. They rival much more expensive brushes. I find they last just as long too.

Matto brush set from Amazon has a bit of everything in it. You may see it in my YouTube background. I like the little set because all of the eyeshadow brushes are small. But I like it for a cheap brush set. I love the pinched concealer brush, the fluffy eyeshadow blender and the pencil eyeshadow brush alot. It also has one of the tiniest paddle brushes that I have. I like to use it to apply shimmer to the inner corner of my mobile lid. All other brushes I have are too big for this purpose. I am picky about shimmer and only want it on a few specific areas.

UNITS 202 flat shader brush white handle. This is a random brush that I like to use to apply shadow. I have had it several years and really thought it was discontinued. I looke it up just now and UNITS apparently still make all kinds of brushes! Note to self: sign up for emails, I want to try some more of their products.