Best Setting Powder for Mature Skin Over 50

If you’re looking for the best setting powder for mature skin you need to stop for a moment and think about why you need to wear powder. OK so here’s the deal with mature skin and getting older and using powder makeup.

Are you wearing powder to get your foundation to last longer because you still have oily skin? If so, the best setting powder for your aging skin will be different. If you’re using a setting powder to make your makeup last longer but you have dry skin, you might be using it for the wrong reason.

I have dry skin. If I use a moisturizer, sunscreen, primer, or foundation that works well for my skin type I no longer need a setting powder. If you don’t need powder and you can possibly live without it stop wearing it.

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Without a setting powder on your mature skin, less foundation will gather in your wrinkles and you will look younger.

With that said I still wear a setting powder on many days. I often just want to take the sheen off of my dewey foundation in the center of my face.

The glowy foundation is one of my favorites, but it looks greasy on my nose and forehead. I also find that setting powder helps some of my foundations last all day even with my dry skin.

I’ve tried most of the setting powders designed for mature skin. Here are my favorites let’s talk about each one and I’ll tell you why I like them.

best powder for older skin with Charlotte Tillbury airbrush flawless finish setting powder

Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush Flawless Finish Setting Powder

I have the flawless finish setting powder and setting spray. While both products are luxurious, the powder is an exceptional performer for me. I typically think that a loose powder is somehow better and less visible, but this powder from Charlotte Tilbury is my go-to powder for every day. I’m in the color 01 Fair.

I have the mini size from Sephora and it has lasted me for an eternity because I need very little to set my makeup in place. Behaving like a loose translucent powder even though it is in a compact, this one does not affect the color of my foundation.

I am listing this first, at the top of my blog article because in my humble opinion it is the best setting powder for mature skin Over 50

e.l.f. Halo Glow Setting Powders for mature skin – it’s affordable and one of the best

This little drugstore gem is one of the best affordable setting powders for mature skin currently offered in the United States. I reach for it almost daily. I challenge you to give it a try and see if it doesn’t just rival your high-end powders.

If you are on a budget, do not have FOMO about these setting powders. For less than $10 you can have one of the best ones for over my 50 skin.

Light and airy, I use the light pink color, it perks up my face ever so slightly. Four colors are now available in the setting powder for you to choose from.

Hourglass Mini Veil™ Translucent Setting Powder

Before you freak out on me and say it costs too much, wait, there is a mini available at Sephora. While ounce per ounce it is still pricey, I have used mine for a year now and it’s still going.

I don’t talk about luxury makeup all that often on my blog. I think the prices are insane. But this one is totally worth it. I love it. The only con is that the container is not travel-friendly. Leave this one at home.

Translucent and so finely milled, this setting powder from hourglass does exactly what is it supposed to do. and it doesn’t make my skin look older.

Most often, I use it to stop certain foundations from settling into the wrinkles around my mouth. for some reason, it is wonderful in that area of my face. Just my two cents – but I wanted to tell you about it. I enjoy wearing this setting powder for aging skin.

icone bye bye pores powder for setting makeup on mature skin over 50

IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Pores Airbrush Loose Setting Powder

You have probably heard about this multi-tasker before. It remains one of my go-to products for setting powders. This IT Cosmetics powder only comes in one color. I call it a miracle worker for my pores.

While I suppose technically it is filling in each pore with some very microscopic particles, I don’t find it to be clogging. I love this little workhorse for mature skin.

For years, beauty influencers on youtube have been talking about this bye bye pores powder as one of the best powders for mature skin, especially over 50. There’s a good reason it is very popular, large pores literally disappear with this powder.

How to Use Setting Powder on Mature Skin

If you’re over 50, then it’s time to ditch the big fluffy powder brushes. They just don’t work well with wrinkles and textured skin. Knowing exactly how to use setting powder on mature skin can make a huge difference in how your foundation looks.

You are doing more harm than good with the huge fluffy powder brushes.

First of all, these brushes apply way too much powder, and none of it goes where it is will help you look better. Opt for a small fluffy dome-shaped brush instead. I know that some of my highlighter brushes work great for setting powder. They are designed for precise application of powder (albeit highlighting powder, but still … )

Come back full circle and try a puff again. Many mature women are opting for a triangular powder puff instead of a powder brush for using setting powder on their mature skin. You can gently press it into the areas underneath your eyes to set concealer and help prevent creasing.

Once you know how to use setting powder on mature skin, it helps you find your perfect foundation and concealer products. Without it, great foundations that could be perfect for you are discarded because the product settles into your fine lines.

With setting powder, that may not happen. And you can finally find that one, elusive, perfect foundation for you! How exciting!

One last note about the best setting powders for mature skin

Setting powder is different from finishing powder. Especially if you have dry skin.

Finishing powder is designed to enhance your foundation. It will help you blend the color for a seamless look.

Setting powder is designed to look as invisible as possible but still function as a powder on your skin. So you get the benefit of a powder without looking like you’re wearing powder. I recently read a fantastic article about setting powder on ipsy.

To be honest I can still see translucent setting powder on my skin. My skin looks less like skin and more like makeup when I wear setting powder. With that said, I still enjoy using it. Don’t give up, if you are searching for the best setting powder for mature skin.