Best Vitamin C Serum for over 60 women

After I established my basic skincare routine, I began searching for the best Vitamin C Serum for over 60 women. It’s been one year since I began using Timeless vitamin C serum. I want to do a full, comprehensive product review for you since it’s such an important part of my skincare routine on my over 50 skin.

Timeless Vitamin C Serum is one of the more popular vitamin C serums that you see used by beauty influencers on YouTube. I purchased mine on Amazon for around $20. Each bottle lasts me about three months. Using two pumps every morning on my skin immediately after cleansing products gives me just the right amount of product.

How strong should your Vitamin C serum be?

Because of skin irritation, I have recently downgraded from the 20% to 10% vitamin C serum. I use other actives in my skincare nighttime routine. These are rather harsh, so I get better results with 10% vitamin C on my sensitive skin.

I have also begun to use the 10% vitamin C every other day on my neck and chest. The skin on my neck is much thinner than my face. My neck does not tolerate 20% vitamin C under any circumstances. It gets very red and burns.

 I’ve been very pleased with this product both with its effectiveness and its price.

This is a great product and it’s a money saver. I do not keep the bottle that I’m currently using in the refrigerator.

But I always keep my “next” bottle in the refrigerator until it’s time to open it.

Generally, I can use the entire bottle before it oxidizes on me. You will know if it’s oxidized because the color changes from clear to amber.

When this happens Vitamin C serum is no longer effective. You need to discard it and use a new bottle.

Vitamin C serum is said to be most effective when you use it in combination with vitamin E and ferulic acid. Keep in mind I am not an esthetician or a medical professional in any way.

This advice is based purely on my own use of the product.

What does vitamin C do for my face?

vitamin C serum is supposed to help your sunscreen be more effective. It also is a antioxidant, anti-aging active ingredient for your skin. I use it for the brightening effect to help even out my skin tone and to discourage hyperpigmentation or age spots.

This is a very thin clear serum that absorbs quickly and easily. I have no problems layering it with other serums and moisturizers.

How to store Vitamin C Serums

Since vitamin C degrades with exposure to air, I appreciate that this comes in a pump instead of a dropper. The bottle is plastic and most vitamin C serums come in a glass bottle. But haven’t had any problems with it expiring too quickly for me.

I’ve used other serums from timeless and while they are good quality, I no longer use them. This is my favorite serum from the timeless brand. I have yet to find another vitamin C serum with these ingredients for this price.

When I began using it it did irritate my face and made it red. And my skin burned this dissipated within the first week. I recommend you start using it once every three days to see how your skin reacts. Then move down to every two days. And then go with every day if you are able to tolerate it.

Best Vitamin C Serum for over 60 women

Do not underestimate this innocent-looking serum, it feels like nothing when you put it on your skin. But it is a powerful anti-aging active for your skincare routine. It can irritate your skin.

When I first began Vitamin C serum, I was watching a lot of boards I certified dermatologists on YouTube. They recommend it as a basic skincare routine. Vitamin C is one of the first serums they recommend you add to your basic cleansing and moisturizing.

Please take caution not to use this at night with your RetinA product. Those two actives do not play nicely together. I use mine in the morning only, after cleansing my face.

I prefer to wear foundation makeup over my sunscreen. This is the only serum I use in the morning. after my vitamin C serum. I apply a moisturizing sunscreen from Korea. It is my favorite in the whole entire world at this time! and then I use a variety of foundation makeup, according to my mood.