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This all started quite randomly when I decided to give makeup another try after giving up on it completely about 15 years ago. Over 600 products later, I’m still here! Testing and wearing makeup. Feeling more confident now because I have workhorse products that I can wear everyday day without a lot of fuss or … Read more

Is cream eyeshadow better for sensitive eyes?

closeup of green eyes on a young woman

Well, the short answer is yes. I think they are. But it’s the why that’s important. Cream eyeshadows can be more expensive than powder eyeshadows. And while the color ranges can be similar, it’s impossible to get the loverly palettes with the colors all laid out for you in advance. With that said, I still … Read more

Why does makeup make me look worse?

You may be wondering why does makeup make me look worse? Often we get our hopes up with all our exciting new makeup products. Then we rush home from the store only to find out we look worse with our makeup than we do with a bare face. You’re not alone with this. I have … Read more

Best foundation makeup for over 60 skin

maggie de wears foundation for over 60 skin

Finding the best foundation makeup for over 60 skin is more of a problem-solving experience than a search for the perfect foundation. While we have many things in common, us over 60 ladies are still very unique and we each have our individual skin concerns. There are some common concerns that many of us share. … Read more

Best Setting Powder for Mature Skin Over 50

mature woman with long hair talking on phone wearing setting powder

If you’re looking for the best setting powder for mature skin you need to stop for a moment and think about why you need to wear powder. OK so here’s the deal with mature skin and getting older and using powder makeup. Are you wearing powder to get your foundation to last longer because you … Read more

Basic Makeup Kit for Beginners on a Budget

makeup and skincare products for collage for basic makeup kit on a budget

If you’re just starting out in makeup, you’re probably interested in a makeup kit. I recommend you shop for a basic makeup kit for beginners on a budget to use for your everyday look. You don’t have to spend a lot of money on this. It is possible to get some great products that are … Read more