Best Vitamin C Serum for over 60 women

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After I established my basic skincare routine, I began searching for the best Vitamin C Serum for over 60 women. It’s been one year since I began using Timeless vitamin C serum. I want to do a full, comprehensive product review for you since it’s such an important part of my skincare routine on my … Read more

New Hydrating Cerave Products in 2022

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Cerave’s got some new products with the green label. I want to show you these new Cerave Products 2022 edition. I am happy to see the green label – it’s right up my alley. If you don’t know already, the Cerave products with the green label are typically formulated for dry skin. These new products … Read more

Cleansing Balms for Women Over 50

woman using cleansing balm

The Complete Guide to Cleansing Balms for Women Over 50 with Dry Skin When I first began learning about using a double cleanse method in the evening, I didn’t want to do it. I am typically against adding new steps to my skincare routine because I am lazy at heart. For me, the easier the … Read more

Does Cerave Double Cleanse Strip my Skin?

double cleanse featured with Maggie

As a woman with 58-year-old skin, I have to be very careful during my nightly double cleanse. I recently conducted an experiment to find out if Cerave Double Cleanse Strips my skin of natural oils. As you may know already, CeraVe is well known for its skincare products that are developed to protect your skin … Read more

Sunscreen Makeup Over 50

sunscreen makeup over 50

I wear sunscreen every day no matter what. Because I use Retin-A Cream every night. I know I should wear sunscreen makeup combinations because it helps protect my skin against skin cancer. But the unvarnished truth is wearing sunscreen to protect your skin is not enough motivation for me. I wear sunscreen to prevent wrinkles. … Read more

PM Skincare Routine for Women over 50

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I use more actives and products at night than I do in the morning. PM Skincare routines are usually designed to stimulate change in your skin with active ingredients. My skincare routine in the evening is also a time for my skin to reset, heal, and regenerate while I sleep. I don’t know for sure … Read more