Cream Eyeshadow Application Tips

Let’s go down the cream eyeshadow rabbit hole! I have been using and loving cream eyeshadows for years now. I have a huge collection of both sticks and pots.

I continually test new cream eyeshadows for my YouTube channel. In doing this, I have found some excellent cream eyeshadow application tips for you.

Let’s jump in.

Get the right primer

I have very crepey and tetured eyelids. While they are not oily, I find using the right eyeshadow primer makes my cream eyeshadow last all day.

The best primers for cream eyeshadow is different from my favorite eye primers for powder eyeshadow. Most eyeshadow primes are produced with talc. This works great for powder eyeshadow.

But the best eyeshadow primer for cream formulas is a gripping primer.

So tip number one for applying cream eyeshadow is to use a gripping primer. I haen’t yet found a drugstore gripping eyeshadow primer. Here is my current favorite for have talc mixedapy silicone with talc is not the best formula.

Base color

One of my best Cream Eyeshadow Application Tips is to put down a matte base color first.

In order to enjoy the true color of your cream eyeshadow, a matte base is necessary. Since your skin will show through I like to do this step first.

Find a color that is a a shade or two lighter than your natural skin tone. In addition, you can use a pure white cream eyeshadow as a base for the brightest looks.

I can get a more vibrant color this way. If I want to have a muted, natural look then I skip this step. Since I have been using this cream eyeshadow application tip for a number of years, here are my favorite brands.

Apply dark to light

When applying powder eyeshadow, the general rule of thumb is to apply and blend your darkest colors as the last step. apply dark first

But with cream eyeshadow it is different. My next hack for cream eyeshadow application is to apply the dark color first, then the lighter colors. Yes, it takes some getting used to.

But I find they blend out to a smoother look. This application technique tends to help the colors blend together more easily.

Use the right brush to blend cream eyeshadow

My favorite brush to blend cream eyeshadow is a synthic fiber brush with medium firmness in a fluffy rounded shape. Bobbi Brown makes a brush specifically created to blend cream eyeshadows.

You don’t necessarily need to buy a new brush. I suggest you experiment with the eyeshadow blending brushes you already have. Chances are you have one already that is firm and stiff enought to use for cream eyeshadow blending.

Paddle shaped brushes are best for applying cream eyeshadow from pots. I find a small concealer brush is usually about the right size and firmness.

I prefer this method because I don’t like getting the product under my nails.

Even More Cream Eyeshadow application tips

If you love a softly smudged eyeliner look, consider swapping out gel eyeliner for a cream eyeshadow stick.

I can more easily blend cream eyeshadow. Gel eyeliner dry more quickly than cream eyeshadows. This means you have more time to blend with a eyeshadow stick.

Due to my wrinkles, I am never happy with a smokey eye if I use powder eyeshadow. I can grab a cream eyeshadow stick and get a fairly well blended smokey eye that stays put.

Use Both pots and sticks

You will be able to expand your collection if you buy both sticks and pots. Most brands offer a limited color range for cream eyeshadow. I love sticks, but I wouldn’t have as many interesting and fun colors if I hadn’t opened my mind and purchased cream eyeshadows in pots too.

I wear both shimmer and mattes, but I prefer matte colors. I have a large selection of colors because I decided to branh out from the cream eyeshadow sticks and try creams in pots.

As you can tell, I am really into cream eyeshadows. There is a learning curve involved in wearing them. The curve is steeper if you are used to powder eyeshadows.

The colors don’t come in palettes. So it is up to you to experiment and find color combos that you like.

I try to purchase and test as many new colors and formulas as I can each year. I typically post a review video for each new cream eyeshadow as soon as it I can get it after it is release. Subscribe to my YouTube channel if you want to know about new colors and brands of cream eyeshadow.