Cream Eyeshadow Over 50

The older I get, the more I reach from my cream eyeshadows instead of powder eyeshadow palettes. I keep wearing cream eyeshadow over 50 because I find it to be more moisturizing than powder eyeshadow.

I gravitate toward cream eyeshadow is that it is usually made with ingredients like Shea butter, olive oil, mineral oil, or coconut oil.

Once I tried them I fell in love with the dewey effect I get from using cream eyeshadow. In the past, this type of makeup was primarily marketed toward older women because it was thought to be more gentle on the skin.

Today, I see all ages reaching for cream eyeshadow, especially the sticks because they are super easy to use and have an ephemeral look.

What is a Cream Eyeshadow?

Well, cream eyeshadow is just eyeshadow pigment powder in a cream base instead of in a powder form.

Typically, it comes in two ways: sticks or pots. Sometimes I see liquid eyeshadow with a doe foot applicator lumped into this category.

Liquid vs Cream Eyeshadow for Women Over 50

Liquid eyeshadow is in a category all its own. It does not apply the same as cream eyeshadow. Nor does liquid eyeshadow have the same look when dry as a cream eyeshadow.

I don’t recommend liquid eyeshadow as a top pick for women over 50, but your lids might be different from mine.

Applying Cream Eyeshadow over 50

You can easily apply cream eyeshadow in different ways depending on your preferences. Go ahead and use your fingers to blend for a natural look. A brush with synthetic fibers with some stiffness works great for cream eyeshadow.

If you want more dramatic lashes then you should use an eyeliner brush to apply it instead – not my cup of tea at my age I find it easier to use gel eyeliner when I want a bright or bold eyeliner color – but a lot of women really like being able to use their cream eyeshadow in a pot as an eyeliner too.

Cream Eyeshadow Sticks

The cream eyeshadow sticks are perfect for people who want to keep their makeup light and natural. The cream eyeshadow sticks are easy to apply, as you can do so with a finger or a brush. It is also easy to blend and it lasts all day long.

Cream eyeshadow sticks come in many different colors and finishes, including matte, pearlized, metallic, satin, and shimmery.

What are the Benefits of Using a Cream Eyeshadow?

Over 50 eyeshadow in cream sticks is a great product for women over 50 because it has a dewy, wet look that helps hide textured and crepy eyelids. It also provides a smooth, even surface for blending.

This type of eye makeup is perfect for creating an easy and natural look that will last all day long.

While finding a good cream eyeshadow in a flattering matte color is more challenging, it’s totally worth it when you find the perfect color for you. It can quickly become your one-and-done eyeshadow holy grail. I have quite a few tricks and tips for cream eyeshadow. Check out my recent post: Application Tips for Cream Eyeshadow.

Maggie De’s Favorite Cream Eyeshadow Sticks

There are so many brands of cream eyeshadow that I enjoy wearing. I like both the pots and the sticks. Below I am listing two so-called starter brands of cream eyeshadow sticks.

Both are listed not only because I have thoroughly test them. But because both brands carry a lot of color choices.

One is an affordable drugstore brand from Italy that you can easily get online in the USA. The other one is a high-end brand that performs reliably for me.

These two brands aren’t going on my holy grails list just yet. But I find if I wear a good, gripping eyelid primer, I can make almost any brand work for me.

kiko milano pink cream eyeshadow stick

Kiko Milano Long Lasting Eyeshadow Stick

I have every single color of Kiko Milano Cream Eyeshadow Sticks. If you sign up for the emails on the Kiko website for the USA, you will get notified of sales. Just be patient and wait for a site-wide sale. I bought all of mine at 30% off. Not to brag, ha-ha.

As for the formula, I think it is just as good as high end. They offer more shimmers than mates. Kiko also releases a couple of new colors each year or so. Fun, fun, fun. I definitely recommend the Kiko sticks for cream eyeshadow over 50.

kiko Milano eyeshadow sticks are made in Italy. This just happens to be where my favorite high-end cream eyeshadow is made. Coincidence? maybe. They offer 20 colors. Kiko has a LARGE range of colors for a drugstore brand!

laura mercier caviar stick cream eyeshadow

Laura Mercier Caviar Sticks

Ok, I know you always hear about the caviar sticks. If you have experimented at all with cream eyeshadow over 50 years of age then you will have probably tried these.

But if you haven’t. then let me introduce you to my little friend. These cream eyeshadow sticks are the rose gold standard for eyeshadow sticks. Pricey and worth every penny.

Just be certain to put the cap back on tightly, all the way until it clicks, when you are finished with it. Don’t ask me how I know this.

My one-and-done color from Laura Mercier is the au natural. But I love some of the other mattes as well. This rose gold collection is a bit too shimmery for me if I use it all over my lids. I like to apply the cream shimmer eyeshadow stick to the inner portion of my mobile lids.

If you aren’t used to reading about eyeshadow the mobile lid is the moving part below the crease.

I started with one caviar stick, I guess I have about 5 or 6 now. Did I mention they are pricey?

If you want all the colors, wait for a sale. And keep in mind that the Laura Mercier website will often carry more colors than Sephora does. If you go in person and swatch the colors you can get exactly what you want. Neiman Marcus, Macys, Nortstrom, Ulta, Kohls carry them. I am sure there are many other stores as well.