Easy Natural Makeup over 50

Don’t we all want a 5 minute, easy natural makeup over 50 look? I know that I do. I prefer aI h natural look. If I have a choice to choose a easy, natural look I will take it everytime.

I reserve the right to use a little color corrector around my eyes to cover dark purple areas. I make this as easy as I can, but I can’t really live without it.

I have the products that I use in this video listed at the bottom of this article for your convenience.

Easy Blush, Cheek Stain

I am have wearing my Tarte Cheek Stain all summer. Love the color. It is a water blush formula which is very unique.

This blush is a limited edition. Thanks alot Tarte. I wish they would just keep this year around.

Easy Natural Makeup over 50 for Mature Skin Video

I prefer an easy natural makeup look over 50 especially in the summertime.

Of course, I am wearing my MERIT mascara. Tubing mascaras are so much easier to remove at night with my double cleanse. Love it!

I feel most confident and most like myself with a light makeup application that looks like me, but just a bit better.

products mentioned in this video

♥ NYX Color Corrector Concealer Palette https://amzn.to/3G05a92

♥ Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream Light/Med https://amzn.to/3xd2brj

♥ tarte C+F2:G15heek Stain color: flush https://fxo.co/Drlq

♥ Maybelline Green Edition Lip Balm color: dusk https://amzn.to/39ZQtas

♥ MAC Amber Times Nine Eyeshadow Palette https://fxo.co/EKmH

♥ Merit Clean Lash Lengthening Mascara color: Perfect Black https://muse.meritbeauty.com/maggie7

♥ Milani Silky Matte Bronzer in Sunlight https://fxo.co/E4eE