Embracing Natural Beauty

What is Natural Beauty?

There is nothing wrong with wearing makeup to feel your best. There is also nothing wrong with embracing natural beauty.

For example, on this blog, you will find articles about what it is like to be a woman over 50 and how to look your best at any age.

I like to try to accept my face as-is and not try to cover every single blemish with makeup.

Instead, I enjoy focusing focus on highlighting the best parts of my face (for me I think it is checkbones and eyecolor) and adding some products to enhance that glow from within look.

I also enjoy using my skincare products as a way of embracing natural beauty.

What is a Natural Beauty?

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The natural beauty trend is all about the idea of wearing no makeup, or as little as possible.

The idea is to embrace the natural beauty of your skin and show that you don’t need to add any artificial colors to it in order to be beautiful.

This trend has been around for a while, but it’s been gaining more and more popularity recently because of celebrities like Alicia Keys who have embraced this look. But ironically, she recently added a line of makeup products called Soul Care … it’s called Soul Care Color …. hmmm

Brightening your Face with Colorful Clothing

There are many reasons to wear clothing with colors that flatter your skin tone. But if you’re looking for a quick way to make your skin glow, color anlysis is the answer! Wearing different colors can help you look refreshed and revitalized.

There is no easier way to pratice embracing natural beauty than experimenting with different colors to see which ones make you feel beautiful.

The colors you wear can have a big impact on how you feel and what kind of mood you project.

These colors also affect the feelings of everyone around us, so it’s important to choose the colors that are best for your skin tone and eye color.

Natural Beauty doesn’t have to be bushy

sometime when we think of natural beauty there is a tendence to “let it all hang out”. bushy brows, hair, natural hair, birkenstocks, yellow callouses on your heels …

OK, so I do some of this but not all of it. And not all of it at the same time.

Embracing natural beauty can be even more stunning if you groom yourself. The no makeup makeup look has a special appeal when your hair, brows, mustache, skin, nail, toenails are well groomed.

this make the difference between a naturally beautiful look and a I just gave up a while back look.

Makeup Tips for Natural Looks

Skin tints and tinted moisturizers with SPF your new bestfriend. This evens out your skintone ever so slightly so that you look better, but not made up.

The modern formulas available today are quite innovative. Sheer color formulas blend into the skin and don’t sit on top of it.

Try stick makeup

if you still find you need a little more help, I know I do at age 58, try the new sticks. My favorites are blush/cheek/lip combos that add a tiny bit of sheer color to my face but still look natural.

How to Look Flawless Without Makeup

if you ant to go want to go all the way with natural beauty and are compeltely opposed to any makeup and , just be sure to throw in a skin evening / skin brightening serum into your skincare.

The best and most available is niacinimide. If your skin agrees with it, it gives you a lot of bang for your buck

my personal fac is from the Ordinary. it soaks in quickly and doesn’t feel slippery or greasy when dry. Although most serums make my skin look shinier than if I use moisturizer alone.

i don’t have an easy answer for that one…. because I top it all off with a skin tint every morning.