Eyeshadow Brushes I decluttered in 2023.

Brushes I don’t like on my over 50, almost 60 eyelids and why

Disclaimer: this is really more about personal preferance than product recommendations. We each develop both muscle memory and a “signature” way of using makeup brushes that is unique to us. So by all mean, do your own experimentation, but here are my thoughts about these specific brushes.

As far as the brushes I love, I have several articles, and YouTube videos about this. I suppose on some level it is hard for me to feel legit about the brushes I love without listing the brushes I don’t like for you. That way you know I am not hating on any specific brand. And you know that I have tried A BUNCH in order to find my favorites.

Eyeshadow Blending Brushes

Elf eyeshadow brush reviews – white handles

I was on a kick in 2023 to try all the elf brushes, I wanted to find the best and worst. So there, I got it out of my system and I am looking forward to buying a few different brands in 2024.

elf eyeshadow brush white handle. Yep, it’s just called “eyeshadow” brush. This one is flat and a little bit domed on the edges. I don’t like it use it to apply eyeshadow, I think the bristles are too dense. I perfer to build color slowly, not be constantly tasked with removing color because the brush applied too much.

elf blending eye white handle. For the life of me I do not know why this is called blending eye. It is a round, densly packed brush that is best for making a “line” in your eye crease. Not great at blending.

elf eye crease white handle. Just like the blending eye but smaller. If you love a little round brush to put into your eye crease this may work for you. It’s just not my cup of tea.

elf wide tapered white handle. I asssume this is for the eye area, not sure. It is too big for me, it covers up whatever skin is underneath so I really have no clue what I am doing with me eyeshadow when I apply it.

elf eyeliner brush white handle. A very straight square brush. I never use this for anything. I don’t like it for applying shadow as eyeliner. I don’t use brushes for eyeliner except to smudge a stick eyeliner. I decluttered this one.

Elf eyeshadow brush reviews – black handles

elf eye contour – black handle. Almost the exact same thing as the elf blending eye white handle mentioned above. I can’t distinguish between the two for my purposes. Too dense for me.

elf eyeshadow “C” brush black handle. This could be good, if the fibers were to my liking. I like using a flat, thick brush to apply shadow sometimes. I just don’t get a good result with these fibers, I have many other cheap brushes in this shape that I like better.

elf blending black handle. This is a flat blender, that is sort of fluffy. Again, the way the fibers feel on my lids is not soft enough, and I like a really fluffy eyeblender – not a flattened eye blender.

elf flat eyeshadow brush. A very firm paddle brush. I see alot of influencers use this type of brush to apply glitter or shimmer shadow. Basically just patting it on, not brushing it. I have zero luck with this specific brush for patting on shimmer, my finger is better. This one always leads to more shimmer fallout on my lashes and undereye area. You may have better luch with it.

elf flat eyeshadow brush black handle. A eyeshadow paddle brush, not really a “flat fluffy”. Name is misleading, so if you are buying online, just know this a firm paddle brush for patting on shimmers, not a flat soft fluffy for patting on mattes.

LA COLORS 452 Blending Eye Brush pink handle. This is an absolute heartbreaker for me. I adore this brush. From what I can tell it is discontinued. Since I have a blog, YouTube channel, etc I am decluttering it so I won’t have to keep telling viewers how great it is for blending cream eyeshadow, how it is a hidden gem, and how no one can actually buy it anymore. I own over 30 of these … yep….

Real Techniques 308 pink metal handle. This is very much like the Sigma Large Fluff mentioned above. This one is less dense than the Sigma. I just literally have no use for this brush.

BK Beauty Angie hot n flashy A505. A paddle brush that I think was designed to apply shimmer. Too big for me to use to apply shimmer, I prefer a tiny paddle brush.

Charlotte Tillbury Fluffy Blender. This brush actually hurts me. I will never try another brush from her, I am done. It as though no one ever tested it, otherwise this would have never been sold. Way too pokey!!

Sigma Large Shader E60. This is a black handle, firm shading brush. It is an large paddle brush, way too big for my eyelids. If you are lucky to have large eyes, you may like it to apply shimmers.

Sigma Large Fluff E50. I snagged this at TJMaxx because it was a sigma brush, but I don’t use it. The website says to use it to blend shadow into the browbone, or for highlighter on cheeks. I find it much, much too large for any eyeshadow application, and way too dense for powder highlighter. And too small and concentrated for cream highlighter which I do occasionally wear on my upper cheekbones.