How to Apply Cream Eyeshadow

When I came home with my very first Caviar Stick, a top selling holy grail eyeshadow stick, I immediately wanted to know how to apply cream eyeshadow. All my life I had worn powder eyeshadow.

Cream eyeshadow is different from powder shadow in both the way you apply it and the way you blend it. Don’t worry – it is easy to learn how.

Even though it is very different, I think in many ways it is easier to apply cream eyeshadow.

Select the right Primer for Cream Eyeshadow

Primer is the best eye makeup base that provides a lot of benefits. Primer lets your eyeshadow stay on for longer, it also prevents creases or cracks in the color, and it even helps to make your eyeshadow last longer.

Primers not only help eyeshadows stay on for long but they also have other benefits like making your skin look smoother and making your eyeliner better.

They are available in both liquid and cream form.

There are a lot of different primers on the market that one can choose from. Many work great for applying cream eyeshadow.

Primers come in various shades that match different skin tones with some even coming up with different undertones such as pink, yellow or green depending on what you need to do with them.

Using Eyeshadow Sticks

If you have cream shadow sticks just use it like a pencil or magic marker. Draw it on. Don’t worry so much about location. I like to make blobs or lines then I blend them.

Applying cream sticks this way is easier than powder because you don’t have to be a precise.

#1. Apply cream eyeshadow, or powder eyeshadow on the lid of your eye to add depth, dimension and color.

#2. Rub the your finger on the top of the eyeshadow stick, and then smudge it on the eyelid for a even softer look.

Apply cream eyeshadow in pot with brush or fingers

It is easy to control amount of product that you want to put on your brush. I like a small paddle brush for the intial application of each color.

As I have gotton older, I find it’s easier to use a brush for my Over 50 eyeshadow.

Some makeup artists and beauty enthusiasts use their fingers to apply cream eyeshadow. If you are in a hurry, go ahead and use your fingers to apply the eyeshadow. It works just fine, but can be messier. Finger application is great for beginners.

If you don’t have a brush with medium stiff bristles, it can be hard or impossible to blend. It is way easier to apply cream eyeshadow if you have a good brush.

Soft eye makeup brushes generally will not do a good job blending creams. Soft bristles are better for powder eyeshadows.

Blending is key for smooth look with cream eyeshadow

When you have cream eyeshadow in pots and a good blending brush, applying and blending eyeshadow becomes a lot easier.

When learning how to apply cream eyeshadow, I recommend blending cream eyeshadow with a brush to get the best results. Cream eyeshadows are often more pigmented than powders and can create a more intense look.

To apply, use your fingers or a brush to tap the product onto your eyelid for an even application.

– The best way to apply cream eyeshadow is with a brush because it is less messy and easier to blend.

– Apply in a tapping motion for an even application of color.

– It’s also important to note that cream eye shadows are often more pigmented than powders, so make sure you’re using one that’s right for your skin tone.

if you are looking for more advice on my favorite ways to use cream eyeshadow, I have a full video playlist on YouTube dedicated just to cream eyeshadow. I’m addicted!!