How to apply eyeshadow on mature eyes

I get so many questions about cream eyeshadow for mature eyes on my YouTube channel. I wanted to write an article here as well to give you some tips on how to apply it. The struggle is real, I know. Here are some ideas on how to apply eyeshadow on mature eyes.

These tips are for applying eyeshadow on mature eyes apply to both creams and powders.

The application process is slightly different for cream eyeshadow but for the most part, my best tips apply to either one.

blending is very important

When I first began to notice my wrinkled and textured eyelids I would get very frustrated. My eye shadow no longer looked as pretty as it used to. You can blend forever and still not get the same look that you used to have when applying eyeshadow.

You’re dealing with a different surface on your eyelids for mature eyes. I try to blend longer than I think I need to. This gives me a smoother look.

Even though it sounds silly, I sing the ABC song to myself or in my head when blending my eyeshadow now.

eyeshadow for hooded lids

It’s not rocket science to figure out if you have hooded lids. Most of us develop a hooded lid with age. This is because the skin on your eyelid begins to droop down over the crease.

This means that the dark color you used to put in your crease is no longer visible. Most of us take that dark crease color up towards the brow as we age to give the idea of a crease.

There are many tutorials on eyeshadow for hooded lids. I find the cut crease method to be incredibly complicated and hard to master.

Most days I just don’t have the patience to spend every single day applying a complicated eyeshadow look. I prefer a soft, natural makeup look for everyday makeup over 50.

one color eyeshadow is your new best friend

In the USA, there seems to be this trend to use complicated multicolor eye shadows every day. The simplest way to apply eyeshadow and mature eyes is to choose one color only.

This is called a one-and-done look. Choosing a color one shade lighter or darker than your eyelid color is almost always your most flattering look.

Here is a YouTube video from Cat, one of my favorite Over 50 beauty creators. If you don’t yet follow her, I like to introduce her to you. Love you Cat !!

I find on my light skin tone that one shade darker gives me a fresh and awake makeup look. One color lighter doesn’t work as well because it brings attention to my hooded eyelid. Try both shades to see which one works best for you.

eyelid primer is everything

Although no eyelid primer is going to make the creepy skin go away, it can help tremendously in smoothing out your eye shadow.

What is my recommendation for the best eyelid primer? My current favorite eyelid primer is MAC Prep + Prime 24-Hour Extend Eye Base. It is not the latest and newest product, but it is a workhouse eyelid primer that never lets me down.

A primer with silicone we’ll give you the smoothest look. when I was younger I used eye primer to keep the oils on my eyelids from making my powder eyeshadow wear off too soon.

That’s not the case for my mature eyes now. I wear a primer mostly to give me a smoother younger looking finished eye makeup.

be careful of purple and green eyeshadow color

As we age many of us develop purple and green tones on the inner corners of our eyes. As well as dark circles under our eyes which often have a purple or green tint.

This can be hereditary or is a result of our skin getting thinner and the underlying veins make the skin appear discolored.
if you do not use a color corrector or a concealer, purple and green eye shadow can these naturally occurring discolorations.

I love purple eye shadow. it is fun to use. But I am careful to use a color corrector and concealer on the inner corners of my eye and the bridge of my nose when I’m planning to use purple colors.

It’s always something, isn’t it? getting older comes with its challenges. But with a little extra care, I find I can still have fun with the eyeshadow colors that I used to wear.