Makeup Brushes for Women over 60.

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Foundation & Concealer Brushes

BK Beauty 101 Contoured Foundation Brush. I test every single foundation I purchased with this brush. It doesn’t matter if it liquid, serum, skin tint, tinted moisterizer, powder or whatever. Most of the time the product looks better on me if I use this brush to apply it. This has been sold out over and over, so you may have to sign up for an email to be notified when it restocks.

Sephora Pro Foundation 64. My holy grails for a few years. I still use it to test every new foundation. I love to stipple with this, not the fastest way to put on makeup but I look the best when I take the time to use this brush. All new foundaiton brushes that I try are put to the test against this brush. I have not found a cheaper substitute yet, although it isn’t outrageously expensive since it is the Sephora store brand.

Ok, so yeah I currently have 5 concealer brushed that I like almost equally well. So you can have your pick. I am ranking them in an upcoming video, so don’t forget to subscribe to my channel!

Rare Beauty Liquid Touch Concealer Brush. A pinched up concealer brush fairly dense but not too dense. Works perfectly for both cream concealer in a pot and liquid concealer around my eyes.

BK Beauty Angie hot n flashy A506 concealer brush. Almost perfect, but not as soft as I would like, I use it every week and still ove it. This has a flatter cat paw than the rare beauty so it covers a larger surface area. Love it around my nose.

Sephora Pro Concealer 71. Nice alternative to the two concealer brushes above. I use it every week as well, because I am lazy and don’t clean my brushes daily. Also has a wide cat paw surface area.

Matto pinched tiny concealer brush. This doesn’t really have a name, it is part of a little brush set on amazon called matto. I adore this brush, it is like the others but even smaller. So if you forget your concealer and don’t want to mess up your eyeshadow, this is tiny enough to add concealer to the inner corner of your eye without screwing everything up.

Best Powder Brushes

elf highlighting black handle. Yes, I know this is called a blush brush, but I really, really, like this for applying loose finishing powder. It just works. Very loose and fluffy so I can get my powder on in a veryl light application, so that it is mostly invisible and doesn’t look like I powdered my face. This is currently my holy grail powder brush. Yes, really.

LaMer Powder Brush. I bought this because it was a fancy brush on ebay for cheap. It is huge. I use it as a final step after everything except setting spray if I feel my makeup looks too much like makeup. Just softens the whole thing down. I don’t like it to apply powder, I guess I like it to remove powders.

Best Blush Brushes for Older Women

real techniques 400 Ultra Plush Cheek Brush. Still my favorite for powder blush. You will see this constantly on my IF and YouTube videos. This is so nice because it is extremely loose. I can get a very sheer wash of color on my cheeks. So many blushes are marketed as highly pigmented that it is hard to get subtle blush. This brush makes a huge difference. This link is for the brush as part of a kit, you can also get it individually.

real Techniques 200 expert face brush. I use this for cream blush application, then I blend it with a large brush. I know, i’m picky, but using two brushes for cream blush looks better on me.

Matto fluffy face brush. Part of a set. I use it to “remove” blush with this brush if I get too much color with the application. I want a even bigger, softer, fluffier brush but this is my favorite as of the time I am writing this.

Brushes that I decluttered in 2023.

elf flawless concealer black handle – I don’t like this at all. It is a fluffy round brush but not stiff enough for cream concealer in pots, and I think the fibers make my liquid concealer in doefoot tubes look patchy instead of blending it.

elf concealer white handle. A tiny flat paddle brush. It thought it was an eyeshadow brush when I bought it. I perfer to stipple concealer with a fluffier brush, not spread it. Doesn’t work as an eyeshadow brush, but I don’t blame elf for that, duh, it is labeled as a concealer brush.

See the eyeshadow brushes I decluttered in 2023. I got rid of alot, so I made a seperate list for these.

elf concealer black handle. Again, another paddle brush labeled for concealer. I am going to stop buying these. The paint came off the handle on this right way, just sayin. But otherwise it is fine, I just do not like a paddle brush for my concealer anymore.

elf blush black handle. I thought I would like this because I love the elf highlighting brush so very much. But I don’t, it is too flat. It is a fluffy oval shape but more like a smushed oval shape. The shape is hard for me to use for powder blush. The fibers are too soft for cream blush.

Sephora Pro Foundation 47 Brush. A flat, dabbing type brush that I thought I would love. But the foundaiton sits on top of my skin with this brush because it “dabs” are just too big and don’t get blended.

BK Beauty Angie hot n flashy A507 angles blush brush. Too dense for me, I get way too much pigment on my face using this brush. Also, the handle came off shortly after purchase. BK Beauty is a beloved brand by influencer, including me, but I’m not going to sugar coat it. This brush broke shortly after purchase.

Japnesque huge fluffy brush with no name … I am decluttering this but I still like it. I just can’t find it anywhere so I will need to search for a replacement. I like to “remove” blush with this brush if I get too much color with the application.