Best Makeup Tips for Older Skin

You are in a different season of your life now. After menopause everything changes. And I do mean everything.  Here are my best makeup tips for older skin.

You need to feel confident and good about your appearance.

While the way makeup looks on your aging skin and face may not be the most critical change in your body, I believe it is still important. 

Tip One: Lay off the powder.

Ahhh, those huge glamours fluffy brushes. They get me every time. What a fantasy it is to play make believe and haul out a colossal powder brush and just go to town dusting all over my face. 

I see it in the classic movies all the time. Somewhere in your memory bank, you have an image of a glammed up women dusting and puffing powder all over her face.

If you are a women over 50, and have anything approaching dry skin, you probably don’t need powder to make your makeup last longer. 

And I personally am not convinced that it stops the foundation from settling into my wrinkles. 

And it looks cakey !!! I’m talking 4 tier wedding cake at JFK’s birthday party with Marilyn. 

Wear a makeup primer instead

If you want to extend your wear time of your makeup, and you have dry skin, use a primer! 

It works way, way better to extend the longevity of your makeup foundation than setting powder.  Primer was invented for this specific purpose.

Powder is best for oily skin

Powder was invented to set the makeup, to keep it from traveling to the crevices of the abyss. A journey that requires oil to make it happen.

If you NEED powder my best tip is make certain your are wearing setting powder, not finishing powder. At least setting powder is supposed to be invisible. Finishing powder is created to smooth your complexion, blending your blush, bronzer, etc into your foundation.

Tip Two – Wean yourself off Matte products

So if you are a woman over 50, you remember the 90’s.  Matte was all the rage.  We wanted zero shine on our face, ever. No glistening, no glowing, nope – nade – none.

Let me tell you a secret, an all matte face is the kiss of death as you get older.

I see it all the time. In the airports, at Sephora, heck I see it at the makeup counter in the mall worn by the beauty consultants!  Crypt keeper city.

Contemporary, modern-day looks are NOT full coverage matte. While keeping up with makeup trends can be exhausting and not flattering, it’s time to jump on the sheer, glowy foundation train. 

This is one trend I highly recommend. One of the best makeup tips for older skin is to wean yourself off matte foundation.

Basically full coverage matte foundation can make you look out-dated. Try illuminator on one maybe 2 places on your face that aren’t as wrinkled. For me, its my cheekbones and top of my forehead.

Reach for sheer foundation

Wearing a sheer to medium coverage foundation will take some time to get used to if you have worn full coverage matte foundation for the last up-teen years. 

You have grown accustomed to seeing your skin covered up – you aren’t used to the shock of having some of your flaws show through.

Give it 2-4 weeks, after the initial visual detox period is over, you will make peace with your face. 

Foundation was created to even out your skin tone. Period.

That is all it is really made to do.  Knock down some of the redness, blur some of the age spots a little. Not make them disappear under a mask of matte foundation.

If you looking for some additional recommendations and reviews for specific foundation brands to try here are a couple of articles that I think are well suited for older skin.

Full coverage matte foundation paired with finishing powder in a color that matches your face is NOT something you should be doing anymore.

One disclaimer here: If you have several oiliness or major skin conditions and discolorations that embarrass you and keep you from feeling good when you step out the door, by all means weary your full coverage foundation. Feeling good about yourself is most important. 

Tip Three – Learn a new way to apply your eyeliner

Most older women will look better with tight-lining only the top lash line. 

Skipping the lower lash line completely or switching to a very subtle color underneath. Try a couple shades lighter than your lash color. 

My lower lash line will smear every time because I am busy with slathering and smearing extra eye cream in the AM, sunscreen (you are wearing your sunscreen aren’t you?), under eye primer, color corrector, concealer….  Or some variation of this depending on my mood that day.

Some lucky women can still pull of eyeliner on the lower lash line.  I’m so jealous of you almond eye beauties. 

For me, and a lot of women with rounder shaped eyes or lower lids that are looser than they used to be, eyeliner on the lower lash line pulls our eyes down, down, down…

Stop wearing black eyeliner

Right out of the gate, my best tip here is to switch to brown no matter how dark your lashes and brows are.

Go ahead and try tight-lining if you can. Get the eyeliner up into the waterline by looking straight ahead and applying the pencil underneath your upper lash line.

I cannot tightline, it freaks me out and I mess it up. I smudge my eye makeup or poke my eyeball. Because tightlining irritates my dry eye condition, I had to find a work around.

But I can indeed get the look by applying a micro eyeliner the tradition way with my eye closed.

2mm Micro eyeliner is tha bomb if you are over 50

Because of all the sagging and drooping and bagging  you have less real estate on your lids as you get older.

This means less square footage to work with.

Don’t use it all up with thick eyeliner.  Save some room for a bit of fun eyeshadow and possible even some shimmer if you dare.

My favorite eyeliner brands for mature women

Shiseido® MicroLiner Ink Eyeliner – my absolute favorite. Gel formula, does not come off. 

You will need to get a eye makeup remover product to get this stuff off. In other words, regular milky face cleanser doesn’t hack it. 

This micro eyeliner comes in glorious colors!! So much fun.

I can draw a more subtle eye line that makes my lashes look thicker with this eyeliner. I hate to keep harping on age, but I’m not as good with a thicker eyeliner pencil as I used to be.

Even with using a 10X magnification mirror I still struggle with my left eye due to poor vision.

No brainer eyeliner for amateurs

These micro-liners are something I can actually use easily. 

Not many cosmetic companies offer a 2mm eyeliner, so I am always searching for more.

But I I have a a couple of drugstore dupes that are fairly good too. And much cheaper.

Best micro eyeliner dupes

Maybelline Master Precise Gel Eyeliner Not quite as creamy as Shiseido®, but I still like it consider a good eyeliner for me. Unfortunately, it only comes in two colors.

CLIO Sharp So Simple Waterproof Pencil Eye Liner I was surprised by this little hidden gem on Amazon. It’s more creamy than the Maybelline and wears almost all day. They offer more colors but they are all a version of black or brown.

More makeup dupes that I like.

Tip Four – soften your lip liner

By all means, blur it out with a smudging brush.  Harsh lines, crisp lines, artist painters call this a hard edge.  make you look older!!  Trust me, after a certain age, hard edges really don’t help us much. 

Go ahead and blur and soften all the makeup edges your face, soften the hard edges with your makeup. Furthermore, you can wear crisp, hard edges in your accessories and clothing – try it for a few weeks and see if you don’t think you look a little younger.

Sooner or later you will develop lip wrinkles if yo haven’t already. Hard edges with lipliner layered over wrinkled lips looks old fashioned and looks old lady.  Try clear lipliner, or blend lip liner with your fingers.

Ready for more makeup tips for older skin?

Dig around my blog, or jump over to my YouTube channel.  Since I wear only makeup that looks good on my older skin, you are probably going to be able to use most of my tips and tricks yourself.

Accepting my age is important, but I also am not too embarrassed to admit that I wear makeup partly to look younger.  Yes, I want to look less tired.

Relevant, stylish are terms that resonate more with me now than beautiful or trendy.  But I also don’t mind looking younger too. Or at least not looking older than I am because of my makeup.  Yikes!

With that said, I fully 100% support and enjoy seeing women over 50 wear whatever, whenever, however they want to wear! Shaming you is in no way my intention. This is not about trying to tell you to apply your makeup they way I do it.  This is just me, sharing some tips that I find helpful for my specific skin, texture, wrinkles, and style aesthetic. Take is as it is.