New Hydrating Cerave Products in 2022

Cerave’s got some new products with the green label. I want to show you these new Cerave Products 2022 edition. I am happy to see the green label – it’s right up my alley.

If you don’t know already, the Cerave products with the green label are typically formulated for dry skin.

These new products are part of their hudrating formula. I like this formula. I have used the hydrating cleanser for years.

Green formulated for dry skin. comforting and hydrating.

cerave new cleansing balm for 2022

Cerave Makeup Removing Cleansing balm

This cerave product is new for 2022. Looking for a new cleansing balm in the drugstore? Me too! This one is long overdue. I am glad they released it.

Cleansing balm doesn’t last very long for me. I use quite alot of solid cleansing balm.

I seem to go through it faster than some of my other facial cleansing products.

The diretions on this say to use pearl size amount. This make sense now.

When I first bought this balm I was wondering why the jar is smaller than most. But it only takes a pearl size amount each night to melt my makeup.

This works very well for me.

It removes all makeup very efficiently.

I like the way it feels on my skin. No fragrance is in this cleansing balm as far as I can tell.

NOTE: Label Instruction states no direct contact with eyes. Although I used it with my eyes closed, I often would rub it into my eyelashes. I didn’t have problems or issues with my sensitive eyes.

I am so glad CeraVe launched these additional green label, hydrating skincare products for those of us over 50 with dry skin…

Maggie De

It emulisfies nicely, gives a bit of a lather.

There are some small balls that seems reluctant to melt quickly when I first apply it. No biggie to me.

No spatula was included, which I find a bit weird.

I used one that I had from another product.

Overall, yes I would purchase again.

I am glad Cerave came out with this.

We need some more options for solid cleansing balms in the USA drugstore price range.

new 2022 cerave comforting eye makeup remover

Cerave Comforting Eyemakeup Remover 2022

The second new CeraVe Product 2022 that I tried is their eyemake remover. I have to say I think it is a small bottle for the price.

I have used similair products for years so I was excited to try this one from Cerave.

The lid hard to screw off. but no big deal for me.

Might be tough if you have arthritis.

The formula is thin and watery, so that if the cap didn’t screw on very tightly it would probably leak. So I get it.

I don’t find this eyemakeup remover to be especially comforting. but experienced no eye irritation at all while using this. I have sensitive eyes.

It does a great job at removing my eyeliner, mascara, and eyebrow pencil and eyebrow gel.

There were still a few traces that remained which were removed with the cleansing balm.

i didn’t test with waterproof mascara. I tested with 5-6 different mascaras. All came off well.

One thing I really loved was that it didn’t leave an oily residue.

Often drugstore eyemakeup remover gets into my eyes with an oil film.

This is frustrating for me. And painful too.

But it did not sting my eyes even if some of the remover liquid got in there directly.

Double Cleanse with Cerave

I’ve been testing these for 3.5 weeks.

I prefer to do a double cleanse every night with a cleansing balm and follow it up with a milky liquid facial cleanser.

In this instance, I have been using two additional products every night, the eyemakeup remover and the toner.

Learn how to double cleanse for your skin type.

In the morning, I use a simple cleanser to remove all my skincare products from the night before and start fresh.

new cerave products 2022 hydrating toner

New Cerave Product – Hydrating Toner 2022

The last new Cerave product I want to show you is the NThis toner was a little unexpected for me.

It claims to hydrate, remove left over residue, restore and protect the skin barrier with a Ph nuetral effect.

i used this every night.

Yes removes traces of makeup that may have been left after my double cleanser. Usually eyeliner or mascara.

this toner dries sticky and tacky on my skin. I don’t like the feeling in the AM routine. But I do like it pretty well at nighttime.

I noticed it contains glycerine.

This generally interferes with my sunscreen in the morning. Of course this depends on the percentage of glycerine.

I have had several serum do the same thing under my sunscreen and foundation.

My sunscreen, face primer, and foundation tended to ball and pill a little too much.

Will I repurchase the toner? Probably not. It is more suitable for extra skin.

I have dry skin, but after my usual AM moisturizer and stay fairly well hydrating most of the day.

Mature Skin Review for New Cerave Products 2022

I hope you have enjoyed this new product roundup for Cerave Green Label 2022. I have come to love doing my double cleanse every night.

Cerave has been part of my skincare routine for years. Cerave has many good facial sunscreens as well.

It’s nice to see more products options with the green labels.

I will continue to use this. good products for over 50 skin. Love the skin barrier benefits.