Pat McGrath Mascara Dupe Options

Pat McGrath is iconic and legendary. Her palattes are to die for. I have some Pat McGrath Mascara Dupe Options for you.

Her Dark Star and FetishEYES™ clock in at the high-end price range. Not luxury out of the ballpark prices, but still price.

While these are not perfect dupes, sometimes you just need a dupe to get you through until your next payday.

If you love the look her mascaras give you but hate the pain in your glam bag pocket, then here you go.

lash paradise vs mcgrath dupe

Pat McGrath Dark Star Mascara Dupe

This broke the internet. It also breaks my budget. Fiber mascaras are all over the drugstore so you may want to try to find your own dupes.

The tube and the brush on the Dark Star mascara are larger than average – you probably won’t get that in your dupe – but a fraction of the cost – who cares…

One of the best dupe for Pat McGrath’s Dark Star Mascara is L’oreal Lash Paradise. This one is not an exact dupe. You don’t have as much volume with the dupe, but you get the same experience (almost).

Pat McGrath Fetish Eyes Dupe

This mascara from Pat McGrath made huge waves when it came out.

This mascara is a little on the drier side for mascaras, not super wet upon initial application.

The lengthening Fetish Eye Mascara has conditioning peptides and panthenol-infused formula. These beneficial ingredients may or may not be present in drugstore dupes. Consider yourself properly “warned” wink-wink.

Covergirl Exhibitionist Mascara (silver packaging) the brush on the CoverGirl is more of an hourglass shape, but overall this is a pretty good dupe. Not a perfect dupe in my opinion, but pretty good.

Pat McGrath Dark Star Dupe (ultraviolet blue)

Ok, so this dupe is more about the color blue than the exact formula. You will have to practice a bit if you want an EXACT dupe in application and color. But if you aren’t super picky, these are decent money-saving drugstore or amazon dupes.

maybelline blue mascara for dark star pat mcgrath mascara dupe

Maybelline New York Volum’ Express The Colossal Big Shot Mascara X Shayla, Boomin’ in Blue is the closest dup on the market according to my research. The brush is slightly different, but you can get the same look with this drugstore dupe.

One more BLUE Dark Star Dupe worth mentioning

Mascara Waterproof Thrive Mascara Essence Liquid Lash Extensions Vibely Mascara Volume and Length Colored Mascara for Eyelashes. (BLUE)

This mascara is quite obscure but I have heard and seen a few TicToks about it being a decent dupe for Dark Star in blue. Don’t confuse this with the Thrive Cosmetics Tubing mascara that is so popular – not the same brand at all.

I also have a MEGA Dupes page geared toward Women over 50. Also, check out my next blog about Vitamin C serum.