Soft Natural Makeup over 50

As we get older, many of us begin looking for ways to find soft natural makeup over 50. We want to soft our makeup look. While I want my makeup to be effortless, I have learned a few tricks and tips to makeup it easier every morning. When I look in the mirror I see a harsh-looking woman where a normal person used to look back at me.

I believe it has something to do with my changing face shape after menopause. It also has to do with wrinkles of course!

I found some tricks and tips for soft natural makeup that makes me feel better about myself when I put on my face to go out into the world.

I think these tips may help you too if you are feeling the same way that I do.

When I say natural makeup I’m not necessarily speaking about the ingredients of the cosmetic product. I’m referring to a natural look which is my face but better.

Soft Natural Makeup Means No Hard Edges

The easiest way to get a soft natural makeup look is to blend blend blend. Using brushes sponges your fingers whatever it is that you like to blend your makeup with taking extra care to blend thoroughly.

This softens all of the transition areas where your makeup starts and stops. new paragraph hard edges which is a demarcation line between colors or products will age you.

Hard edges are simply a result of not blending your makeup well paragraph

Stay Low or No Beam

Highlighters are a blast. I wish I could feel comfortable wearing them more often. Here’s the deal with highlighters over 50.

5 Makeup Tips for Seniors

They tend to make every crevice, bump, wrinkle, and pore stand up, stand out, and salute with a ticker tape parade. I have only a handful of highlighters, mostly liquid, that are subtle enough to wear at my age and still feel great.

Choose Colors 1-2 levels from your natural colors

Dramatic colors are fun to wear and I still wear them on special occasions or just when I’m in the mood. I love to play with eye shadow colors or bold lip colors.

Sometimes it even makes me feel bold to wear these new products but the absolute truth is when I wear colors one or two steps above or below my natural coloring I feel like I look my best.

How do you find your natural colors?

For soft natural makeup with your natural colors try pinching the tips of your fingers. The color that comes through whether it’s a classic red, dark orange, a light pink, a berry, or a tan it’s pretty close to your flushing or blushing color.

Another color is the natural lip color. Bump up a step or two above that or below that and your makeup will stay looking soft and natural but still enhance your features.

The exception to this is I shadow. I have a great deal of natural purple and dark coloring around my eyes since I’ve gotten older.

I personally choose not to enhance this purple color around my eyes.

And careful with purple eye shadow, it can often make these dark circles more paragraph When I do wear purple I shadow, which I still enjoy.

Because it makes my green eyes look even greener. I try to choose a color of purple that doesn’t really look the same or have the same tone as the purple dark areas around my eyes.

h I see a lot of women my age with plum color skin tones around their eyes and in their eye bags.

If that’s you just be careful with plum eye shadows it can make the dark areas really pop.

If you’re gonna choose a plum shadow to choose a tone that is definitely different than the plum undertones around your eyes.

Soft Natural Makeup over 50

My last tip is to just pick one or two things to emphasize on your face at a time period and choose a bold eyeliner. It may not look soft and natural but it will add some drama and pizazz to your face.

Or you could choose heavy or accentuated eyebrows.

This is one of my favorite things to do. I have a bolder brow in a natural color that’s a little more exaggerated than I would normally wear for soft natural makeup over 50 years old.

When I do this I keep everything else on my face soft and natural makeup.

The obvious choice is going for a bold lip color keeping all other things soft and natural. It’s the easiest thing to do to add some personality to your look for the day.

It’s an obvious no-brainer, otherwise, lipstick wouldn’t be the all-time best-selling makeup product on the planet.

I don’t know if this is statistically true but I like saying it anyway and I’m pretty sure it’s true in parenthesis

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