Wet n Wild Pampered Collection Full Review

Let’s get into some drugstore makeup today. New for 2023 from wet n wild is the Pampered Collection. This is seriously pink! Some of it is even scented like roses. Is it good?

Let’s get into some drugstore makeup today. New for 2023 from wet n wild is the Pampered Collection. This is seriously pink!

Wet and wild is a brand that I have always loved since the 1980s. I don’t take their products seriously. By that I mean I use wet and wild to add some fun pops of color to my face, and to enjoy the fun packaging.

While I do have some of their products in my regular makeup rotation on my make up table, most of them come and go.

That’s why I like theirspecial editions so much. it’s a little bit of fun for a little bit of money.

This time we’ve got the pampered collection. it’s all about self love and taking care of yourself. the color story is mostly pure pink and warm neutral pink.

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Pampered Collection Favs

Here are my favorites and fails from the wet and wild pampered collection

This is NOT sponsored, I love these and bought every single on myself.
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wet n wild Pampered Lip Mask with a rose scent. I was pleasantly surprised by this. Typically, I am not crazy about strong rose scents, especially on my face. I like the scent on this lip mask. very subtle and it doesn’t bother me at all. Nice product! Glad I picked it up.

wet n wild Pampered Lip Gloss – color: Bubble Bath (shimmer) – Basically this lip gloss is clear on me. It has a very light pink color and a subtle shimmer. I like the flavor, or scent. Reminds me of cotton candy as much as it smells like roses.

wet n wild Pampered Lip Gloss – color: Glitz Ritual (glitter). Unexpected pleasure for this little gloss. I tend to shy away from glitter anything, but this one if fun to wear. While it’s not an everyday look for me, I still enjoy it for a fun day. The rose scent is subtle and I don’t actually notice it. Smells sweet to me, not floral.

Pampered Face Stick in the color: Good to Be Me (rosy pink) – This is by far my favorite of the collection. I find the pink to be subtle and easy to blend. It is a very wearable cream blush for me at a fantastic price. I increase the wear time by setting it with transculent setting powder – just the tiniest, most invisible amount possible.

Pampered Face Stick – color: Champagne Bath (warm highlighter). I am completely shocked that I like this. I actually like it a lot. Very subtle shimmer that warms up my cheekbones and the top of my forehead along my hairline. This facestick highlighter has a low beam shimmer that looks natural and warming on my cool tone light skin.


wet n wild Pampered Powder Blush is a pretty warm, pink shade. With very intense with pigment, this powder blush is overpowering for my skin tone. I find the abundance of powder fallout to be obnoxiously annoying. It is unusable for me. You can see the crazy color in my Youtube video it you want to. Save your money on this one.

wet n wild Pampered Eye and Face Palette – a powder eyeshadow quad. This did not work for me at all. The super shocking, bright pink color contains heavy glitter and is not recommended for use around the eyes. The medium taupe contains a trace amount of shimmer/ glitter. It’s not my first choice for an all over nuetral color.

I couldn’t get any pigment payoff from the light matte pink color. Just didn’t show up on my lids no matter what I tried. The best color was the dark burgany matte. An eyeshadow quad needs 4 usable colors for me to love it.

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